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Purchasing a new construction home can sound exciting, but there are a number of details that need to be considered when purchasing a new home. You will want an experienced Realtor when buying new construction.

Let’s start this section off by making one thing clear: Builders pay the Agent’s commission!

That’s right, the builder will pay your Agent to represent you and to negotiate a better deal for you. Why wouldn’t you want an Agent to represent you and ensure you receive the best deal possible?

Finding a top local Realtor® who is experienced in negotiating with builders is going to be one of the most important things you do in the home buying process. You must make sure that your Realtor® is someone who is going to work well with you. Don’t be afraid of Realtors® who are transparent. You should embrace these Realtors® because they’re going to tell you the truth whether it’s pretty, or ugly.

You’re also going to want a Realtor® who is going to explain everything and it’s important that the Realtor® you’re working with is one who can help you the most in the home buying process.

Once you’ve selected a Realtor®, it’s time to develop a plan. What criteria are you looking for in your next home? Your Real Estate Agent will be able to help you figure out your wants and your must have’s. Now that you have your team together, it’s time to begin researching different builders in your area.

It’s important to understand that looking at homes online versus in person is a completely different experience. For new construction, this article rings true because chances are the pictures you’re looking at are of a home that hasn’t even been built yet!