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Buying a Home


When you’re buying a home, research and planning are everything. Start by checking your credit, and see if you can strengthen it. Pay off all your credit cards and resolve any credit disputes or delinquencies as required.

Get pre-approved to work with the actual amount you can pay. This gives you a higher chance of being accepted by potential sellers.

Shop for your mortgage ahead of time so you know how much you can borrow before you even make an offer. Check out any first-time buyers’ programs for which you may qualify.


The first step to buying a home is to find a great real estate agent or real estate team.

Look for someone who is qualified, reliable, and willing to accommodate you. Once you have found someone who can represent you in the search and negotiation process, you need to discuss what you’re looking for in a home: your priorities, your lifestyle, and your needs.

Start looking for houses within your range online and in person. Sign up for an MLS alert service to search for properties in your prospective area to help you in that search. There are various Home Affordability Calculators online that can help you with this research.


When you think that you have finally found your perfect home, you need to start getting ready to make an offer. Do everything you can to tailor your bid to the seller’s circumstances.

Look at comparable homes when you make your bid. Calculate your expected housing expenses.

Although it may be difficult to consider, you should also be prepared to make an offer that’s above the asking price.


You need to determine how much of a down payment that you will need to offer up front.

Typically, the more one puts down, the better. There are several other factors to consider to strengthen your offer. Rest assured we will guide you through this process to help you make your decision based on your needs.


The end game when you are buying a home is to ensure you receive a full-service experience.

From initial planning to sign an agreement to a smooth conclusion, our unique team approach will provide you with premium service and a much-needed, competitive edge in this sought-after real estate market.

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